Adesh Agro Farm Ltd is an agricultural company that offers selling varieties of farm products, business partnership, farm leasing and owing a farmland. Agricultural investment generate employment for about 70% of the Nigerian population and contributes 40% to the GDP with crops accounting for 80%, livestock 13%, forestry 3% and fishery 4%. As technology has advanced, we have seen the agriculture industry take a backseat; it shouldn’t be seen this way. We help fund farmers’ access to inputs or the equipment they need to make their yields as bountiful as possible. With the increase demand of food and low availability of farmland, investing in farmland is a clever move. Our farm is located at Odeda, Ogun State.

We are excited to partner with you. We offer our partners access to our various investment plan with a bountiful earning at the end of each farming cycle. With a free

MISSION: we intend to ensure not only meeting the consumption of our products by everyone but to become a profitable business for our partners.

VISION: to be the preferred brand of Nigerian as a whole with the aim of meeting demands.

VALUES: providing qualitative hygienic farm produce and bringing foods nearest to the consumer at affordable price